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Feedback From SwarGram

SwarGram helps you learn Indian Music from your home through its high quality distance learning education systems. You can join a growing student community and learn from real teachers. Swargram offers 15% discount to Taranaa members featured in Song Of The Week.

Feedback To Singers

Click here to give your valuable feedback to these singers. There are 10 aspects to briefly comment about and a summary field to elaborate your views and opnions. Feel free to write your personalized comments to each singer. Please provide your name and location so that the singers know who all are listening. 

Click here to read the feedback.

Interact with the Singers

You can exchange your views and ideas with Taranaa Team, Members and Active Participants on Taranaa Forum. The Taranaa Forum is the most happening place where ideas evolve and take shape. You will readily make new friends here and share the joys of music and singing. So sign in now, and don't get left behind.

Song Of The Week Schedule (Please submit your entries by the Friday before the scheduled date) 

Song Title
InfoWeek Of
A Tribute To The Master:
Mohamed Rafi
In fond remembrane of this great artiste on his Barsi, July 31Monday July 24, 2006
MaatruA patriotic song: Taranaa's debut original musical productionMonday August 6, 2006

Recording Service For Novices

Recording is an art in itself and takes a lot of time, patience and perseverence to perfect it. Many members are struggling with this. Ramprasad Shirankallu owns and operates a small studio in Bangalore and would like to offer recording and post-processing services such as noise reduction, filtering, effects, audio & voice track mixing for a small service charge of $5 per song. For details, please contact ram_qqq@yahoo.com In essence, here is how to use Ramprasad's services: <1>Do a voice-only recording using Audacity by selecting the Microphone channel. <.2> Export your voice track to MP3 and send it to ram_qqq@yahoo.com <3>Send him a payment of $5 using www.ikobo.com  (Ikobo recipient ram_qqq@yahoo.com) <4> Ramprasad will mix your voice track with Taranaa Karaoke Track and send it back to you.

Recommended Software For Song Recording

Audacity from http://audacity.sourceforge.net

Audacity Documentation & Tutorials :



How To Upload Your Songs

  • Log on to Taranaa Tarang
  • Click Upload File in the Toolbox menu on the left hand side
  • Click the Browse button
  • Navigate to your .mp3 file on your computer
  • Click Upload button
  • Post a message on Taranaa Forum.
  • One of our moderators will put your Song Of The Week in the right place.

Best singers appearing on Song Of The Week will be selected for Taranaa Star Of The Month on the Forum by our selection commitee headed by Mr. Asim Ghosh.

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