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Taranaa Music Masti is a simple easy party game that any group of people can play. It can lift your spirits very quickly and turn a dull and boring party into an enjoyable gathering. Here is how to play:
  1. Form 2 or more teams with roughly equal number of people on each team
  2. Using Taranaa Karaoke Player v3.5.0 or later start the Music Masti game
  3. Select the number of teams and number of rounds that you would like to play
  4. Depending upon the taste and musical inclination of your guests, select a particular decade (1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s) or Any
  5. Start the game
The player will play a random tune (a prelude or interlude to a song) from the selected decade and prompt each team to identify the song. If the team identifies the song correctly, give them 10 points. If the team identifies and sings the exact verse that follows the musical piece, give them a bonus 15 points. Take away 5 points from the team for a wrong answer. The player will randomly pick a tune for the next team and it will also keep track of team scores based on your score inputs. From the very onset of the game, you will have your guests scratching their heads, scrambling for answers, cherishing old memories and battling for the winning place ... all at once!

You can contribute

We depend on our member community to add more tunes and song selections to the Music Masti tracks database. If you wish to contribute and help us grow this collection of tracks, here is how to proceed.
  1. Think of a song that you would like to add to our database of musical clips
  2. Use this link to check if the song is already included in our database
  3. If the song is not already included, gather some basic information about the song such as title, movie(album), year, singers, music and lyrics
  4. Using Audacity or any other MP3 audio editor, extract a small audio clip from the song of your choice.
    • The clip should contain only music, no voices
    • The clip should not be longer than 30 seconds
    • The clip should typically end right before the singer picks up the song
  5. Export the clip as a 128 kbps mp3 file. The file size should be less than 1MB. If it exceeds 1MB, shorten the clip or use an encoding smaller than 128 kbps
  6. Use this link to upload the clip. Supply correct and reliable information about the song and the verse that follows your audio clip. The verse should have 3-4 lines at a minimum but no more than 8 lines.
That's it! Your clip will be readily available to everyone on Music Masti!
Questions? Comments? write to: info@taranaa.com