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Click here for Getting Started Guide This guide gives detailed stepwise instructions for installation, registraton and subscription.

Taranaa.com offers Hindi Karaoke Tracks that can be downloaded and played on your computer using Taranaa Karaoke Player. Each track is a single downloadable file that consists of music and synchronized lyrics. You can begin your musical experience in 3 easy steps:

1. Install Taranaa Karaoke Player.

2. Register Taranaa Karaoke Player. This will allow you to download and try a few Sample Tracks.

3. Subscribe. If you like our product and would like to access our ever-growing collection of Hindi Karaoke Music Tracks, you can subscribe to Taranaa.com and sing happily ever after! 

We offer 5 levels of subscription. Once you subscribe, you get instant access to all songs currently in our library in the category that you subscribe, plus all those songs that we will add to our library during your active subscription. A subscription license can be purchased through Taranaa Karaoke Player.

TypeDescriptionSubscription Rate
Party Packany 100 tracks of your choice$10 for 1 month
Level A      songs earlier than 1980      $30 for 6 months
Level Bsongs earlier than 1995$40 for 6 months
Level Call songs in our library$50 for 6 months
Level Dall songs in our library$60 for 12 months

Taranaa Karaoke Player Installation

1. Click here to install Taranaa Karaoke Player. The player works for Windows Operating System only.

2. Click Run. If you get a security warning, click Run again. This will bring up the Setup Wizard.

3. Follow instructions within the Setup Wizard to complete the installation (click Next, Next, Install). Use default options.

Taranaa On A Chip

For Quality, Portability and Convenience get Taranaa software plus tracks pre-installed on a USB Thumb Drive. This comes with a multi-computer portable license. You can plug this into any Windows USB2.0 interface and play the tracks using built-in TKP. No internet connection required. You can also download new tracks to the USB drive as they become available. Click here for more info.

USB TypeCapacityRates
1GB USB Memory Stick150 tracks approx. $100 for first year* 
2GB USB Memory Stick300 tracks approx.$150 for first year*

* Level D subscription required after first year

Java Plug-in Installation For Online Sampling

Taranaa.com is powered by Java Technology. In order to play our karaoke tracks online for 90 seconds within your web browser please install the Java Plug-in from Sun Microsystems: Download J2SE JRE. The required version is 1.4.2. If you have an earlier version such as 1.3.1, please upgrade to 1.4.2.

How to install the Java Plug-in:

1. Go to the Sun Microsystems download page using the above link. This page has links to download a lot of other things such as SDK, Documentation, Patches and Extensions. You do not need any of that. What you need is just the J2SE JRE.

2. Click on the link that says Download J2SE JRE. Do not click on any other link.

3. Now you will see a License Agreement page. At the bottom of the page, select ACCEPT and click CONTINUE.

4. Now you will see a page where there are links to download the J2SE JRE for different operating systems: Windows/Linux/Solaris.

5. If you are using Windows OS (most of us do!), click on the link that says Windows Installation Multi-language. This is a 1.35MB download. Do not click on Windows Offline Installation, which is a 14.91MB download.

6. You will now see a File Download dialog box. Click the Save button.

7. You will now see a Save As dialog box. Choose a suitable folder such as C:\temp and click Save. This will start the actual download.

8. Once the download is complete, open Windows Explorer and open the folder C:\temp. Double click on the .exe file that you just downloaded. This will start the J2SE JRE installation. Choose the default options and complete the installation.

You are now ready for your Karaoke experiece. Enjoy your singing!